Wear Your Motivation!

BEAT81 isn't just about high-intensity workouts; it's a lifestyle. Born in the heart of Berlin, we've revolutionized group fitness classes with our unique blend of HIIT, technology and community.

And now, we're taking that same energy, determination, and community spirit to our exclusive range of workout clothing.

Athletic Wear made by Athletes

Our mission is to bring fitness and happiness to everyone's life.

This also applies to our merchandise. It's workout-tested and developed with a focus on durability, comfort, and performance. We tested every piece and made sure it can last through a workout.

Our Commitment to Sustainable Style

Our products are crafted from durable materials, some including recycled plastic, certified organic cotton or CO²-neutral fabrics via compensation.

We encourage you to shop wisely by reviewing size descriptions and avoiding ordering multiple sizes. This approach not only helps the environment by reducing shipping but also benefits your wallet, as we can't cover all return costs.

Our Collaboration with ICANIWILL

Not only do our BEAT81 coaches motivate and coach you in athletic wear by ICIW, but also you can feel the high quality active wear that ICANIWILL is creating from Stockholm, Sweden. ICANIWILL is one of the fastest growing sportswear brands in Scandinavia and Europe.

Their vision, understanding for quality and motivating claim fits BEAT81 perfectly.